36c3 1Komona

programming@1komona #how2pretalx - about (software & hardware) administration in self-organized systems
2019-12-27, 14:00–15:00, headnut

this session is about how to make using pretalx and its adminstration work and distribute the workload to more than just a few (same old) ppl, make the process transparent how we got here and what we now can do together to make pretalx work @c36c3 over the next couple of days

last year @c35c3 we were using pretalx and it was a hustle for several people to set it up, backend and frontend, keep it alive and functioning during congress. still we made it work, komona style.

now, having the decision made by delis of komona's this year's @cccamp in august: not to use pretalx @c36c3...well, here we go again:

being a habitat and being one (small) wheel in ccc structure & (programm) production kind of "forced" us to use pretalx again --- not just the ccwiki as we wanted --- so that again a few ppl are build this pretalx structure (backend and fronted) and make it accessible for everyone, writing and launching a cfp, taking on submissions, look that the scheduling works, dealing with pretalx limitations, beiing too hierarchical in its design of who is allowed to do what as a user/admin, not being seen by most komonistats what the orga effort behind it, putting more workload on ppl. that are already doing a lot to make komona work.

so, lets use day 1 to have a session about how2use and admin komona-pretalx @c36c3