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The SolidBase app - SoLiD used for communicating budget data of community backed economies
2019-12-28, 13:45–14:30, nokingdome

The SolidBase app is for communicating costs of solidarity based enterprises to (potential) members. It's written in vue.js and uses Solid for storing data.

The SolidBase app was born in a project emerged within urgenci, the global network for community supported agriculture (CSA). Solawi, the german CSA network, took over the role of coordinating it's development. It shall help CSA coordinators to communicate costs that are special to this economic mode to potential members. By this enhanced insight can be gained into the financial needs of the producers and the willingness to contribute adequate amounts of money might be increased.

In this talk I'll present the basic functionalities of this app and will give a short intro to the way it accesses Solid from the vuex store.