36c3 1Komona

Chaos, Communication, Class Consciousness
2019-12-28, 18:00–19:00, headnut

what resources do we have and how are they distributed? on congress, we see groups having a lot of material resources and others less; we see people sleeping in luxury hotels and others on floors of squats. this, of course, is a mirror of how things work in the so-called "real world". but didn't we want something else, actually? is that really what we want our intergalactic community to be like?

this talk wants to talk economics. formerly, critiques around inclusion at ccc were centered around discourses of identity politics. this is a talk about class.

we will make four main arguments.

  1. what is class and how is wealth and workforce distributed among it? to make this more visible, we would like you as a 36c3 participant to fill out our survey. we like statistics, sometimes, because we don't want to bore you to death with philosophers only.

  2. how self-organised is congress? the hurdle for participation is quite high. can more self-organisation lead to an emancipation from classism or should we just throw (more) money at the problem?

  3. dear people with well-payed jobs and wealth. we need you in the struggle of questioning (and overcoming) all authority. so listen to our thoughts.

  4. we want to talk about concrete measures we, as a hacker community, could take, not only to gain class consciousness but to tackle economic problems amongst ourselves. like that, we could start hacking the economics of the world around us. who knows what the future will bring - we better organise now.