36c3 1Komona

Balancing idea and reality of no work in 1Komona
2019-12-27, 20:00–21:30, nokingdome

A session, exchange, release, reflection on different ideas and the reality of decentralized organisation, recentralized responsibility and the metaphysics of Ideas and their work load.

What happened when komona started to decentralize? Didn't it actually started decentralized and just grew bigger? How long does it take, what did help, what did go wrong. What do you have to share and adress, what have ppl to share that slided into centralized roles again?
How could these roles be defined to help the goal of decentralized and transparent organisation that allows maximum spontaneity without overwhelimg single points of failure and ppl?
Spontaneity is core and at the same its a mechanic of disabling others to prepare and think before doing, whether they would like to or not.
So, how to go on.
Starting with the collection of work that was done to establish a shared knowledge base: what was on the table for this years conoma?

If you want to make a good talk, you can't only think of what information you really want to talk about, you have to think of what information the people want/need to hear to get into the topic. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense, you can talk alone than. (anonymous)