36c3 1Komona

if we are komona we can make it work

hey, this is 1komona pretalx! here you can add your talk/session/workshop to take place within 1komona. our beautiful b1 konoma domes village at 36c3.

when entering your session/workshop/talk, it should fit within 1komona. how does it: we like any kind of topic, as long as it meets our principles.

1komona is about honesty, genuine comradery, funfunfunfun, action and horizontal decentralized organization. we believe that noone should be above anyone. we know about the individuality of boundaries, needs and realities of life and we expect everyone to respect theirs and anothers boundaries. we are organized in affinity groups. we are doing things together. a leading principle for us is: everything for everyone. we share responsabilities and resources and redistribute whereever we can.

if we are komona we can make it work.