»The Perfect Tool to Organize Your Digital Life (Emacs Org mode)«
2018-12-29, 22:30–23:30, Komona Thunderdome #workshops #talks

Org mode is the perfect tool for anybody who wants for capturing, managing and refreshing memories. It combines and unifies aspects like todo and project management, knowledge base like a personal wiki, spreadsheet, code snippets, documentation, and so forth. Let me surprise you.

This is not about editors. At all. The speaker is using vim on a daily basis. Forget about editors for this talk. This is about an awesome tool which enables you to organize yourself in a way that you can externalize things that may distract you from actual working or living your life. It is a bottom-less box of LEGO bricks where you choose the bricks you want to take. It scales from simple note taking (engineering diary) and outlining up to the most complex workflows. Most likely, you have not seen a comparable tool so far. Notes containing all links will be published on https://karl-voit.at/2018/12/28/35c3-orgmode/ after the demo.